Q4 2016

Catalyst Logic: Tokenisation


Develop a Tokenisation Engine which stores Credit Card information to PCI-DSS standards.

To mitigate the risk of the loss of Credit Cards data within a data breach, tokenisation allows PCI-DSS Service Providers to store sentative data, and provide Merchants with a token that is of no value if breached, and puts thier systems outside PCI-DSS scope.
Through the utilisation of a range of encryption, and API technologies, a tokeniastion vault was developed with a validated throughput in excess of a thousand credit cards per second, providing merchants with format preserving tokens, while storing the credit card data in an encrypted format.
The solution was validated as per PCI-DSS 3.2 standards in 2017


  • Role:

    Security Architect and System Implementation
  • Completed:

    Q4 2016
  • Client:

    PCI-DSS Service Provider
  • Technology:

    A mix of Open Source and propietary technology