Q1 2017

Catalyst Logic: PCI-DSS Project Tools


Develop a PCI-DSS Project Management tool for a PCI-DSS service Provider which allows management of over 400 audit points.

To manage the compexities of PCI Compliance within a Service Provider environment, a customised project management system can reduce the cost of both compliance and audit.
By leveraging the ability to develop custom workflows, customised audit, and mitigiation task, all feeing into risk execubive dashboards, PCI complaince obligations and transparent to the buiness and easily tracked ensuring security and compliance staff have the tools required to ensure yearly PCI-DSS compliance audits minimise disruption to the business.


  • Role:

    Solution Architect and System Implementation
  • Completed:

    Q1 2017
  • Client:

    PCI-DSS Service Provider
  • Technology:

    Atlassian JIRA and Confluence, with various 3rd Party Plugins