Q4 2016

Catalyst Logic: Open Source Intelligence


Identify risks to the business through publically available sources, utilsing Open Source Intelligence techniques.

Within the Energy Sector, the high cost of research and development can result in corperate espionage, and targeted attacks.
Identification of the public footprint of the company included identifing, exposed services, managed service providers, internal technologies, key staff, data around corperate structure, patents and parnterships. This allowed a businesses with limited security budget to ensure that effort is spent in areas where risk has been identified by emulating the research undertaken by potential attackers to locate technical, physical and social engineering weakpoints.


  • Role:

    Principal Consultant and
  • Completed:

    Q4 2016
  • Client:

    Global Energy and Resource Innovator
  • Technology:

    A large range of data aggrgation tools and publically available resources