Q1 2018

Catalyst Logic: Compliance Assessments


Determine the scope, and level of compliance across ISO 27001, Australian Privacy Principals (APP), General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and Notifiable Data Breaches (NDB)

Catalyst Logic has undertaken numerous Complaince Accesements across a wide range of standards and regulations. Through understanding the business, its compliance maturity, and goals, opportunites for immediate benefits to the business hae been identified, and guidance provided without the need to undertake a long term complaince project.
Through the identification of business risks, and by correlation of mitigations to actionable tasks, a strategy to improve overall security resiliance, and meet privacy obligations has been delivered to numerous clients, allowing them to take a benefit from risk based approach to security and privacy.


  • Role:

    Principal Consultant and Lead Implementor
  • Clients:

    Financial, Health, Construction, Technology and Managed Service Providers
  • Technology:

    Utilisation of global standards and industry recogised frameworks.